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Individual normal gay people that I have worked with do not shove it in your face. It is the Activists with mass political agendas that should be put in a f'n cage!

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The Reich tended to kill gays

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WTF Santa, I you still on here trying to score some Coke Classic?

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Only the kind made without water

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Since Carl Rove and Rush Limbaugh came to such prominence in the Republican party.

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Whatever the gender, sexual orientation or race there's always retards in every groups.

The same way racial equality became the "black supremacy" in some cases, etc...

Extract from a conversation I had one day:

-"Blah." (whatever we were talking about)

-"Stupid honkey"

-"Hey, that's racist!"

-"Woah! You're calling me a racist because I'm black, you're the racist! Blacks can't be racist!"

-"I... I don't even..."

*walks away*

Gay, straight, white, black, yellow, green, man or woman, stupidity doesn't discriminate.

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I see somebody's been drinking the Whine Kampf

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why don't we just hunt down & kill all these gay people already??

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