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For a matter of fact I've never ever been in a physical relationship. I got a text from him the night later and he asked me for my number. I got pretty excited. Thinking maybe something more's to it. We spoke and it was a very casual hey what's up. We should meet up on friday. He didn't try to know me more or did no small talks. Very short and straight to the point. The Monday to Friday there was no sort of communication between him and I. And then friday went by and he called me on sat and was like you dont wanna meet or what. Lets meet next Friday and chill. Let's go for a night out you're not going home. And dont tell this to any of our common friends. Ok see you soon. Bye. Thats it! Again straight to the point. What do I do? Does he really like me. Or is he just trying to hook up again?
nb10 nb10 22-25, F 4 Answers Apr 12, 2014 in Dating & Relationships

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If he texted you, didn't he already have your number? That's what a hook up is. You meet, you ****, you go home. That's all he's looking for. You're not going to change him, don't even bother putting in the effort. Unless you like getting used, keep away and move on.

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he's goin for the easy score again..

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