How to treat severe depression when it doesnt get better? Everything is making me feel depressed, i have nothing going for me, everyone turns on me at the end and my head feels like it has exploded. i sometimes feel suicidal to end my pain but not that much. i just cant shake it off. -.- i dont like to talk about why im depressed because it makes me feel bad and i cant get rid of it. hard to explain. ive tried ltos of medications none helped and a new psychiatrist wont call me for some reason so im stuck. i just get worse.. i feel numb and just weird all the time. noonel ikes me and i get friend zoned by every girl. im a mess, it just gets worse and worse and worse
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Same answer as the other 25 times you have posted this. Go see a doctor. Take anti-depressants. Exercise and eat well. Go to a therapist. Take Vitamin supplements. Take CBT or DBT therapy. Call a distress line. Talk to a friend. Start writing in a journal. Find things that make you busy and take your mind of the negative thoughts.<br />
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Apparently Trolling isn't working for you.

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Person-centred therapy worked for me. I tried other types first but they didn't work. mx:))

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