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apart from my girl friends i have sex with lol when i see a sexy random girl i get boners i just feel like touching her up and ******* her and flirtung with her well especialy in the summer coz they wear no thongs and they show there ***** out why do girls dress naked in summer like showing there ***** in summer in there tight jeans trousers and pajamas lol that makes me wanna touch and **** them put my **** aginst them dono why i get that feeling i cant help it i love sexy girls i want friendly answers please thank you any mean horrible answers will be deleted
whitesoldier whitesoldier 18-21, M 7 Answers Mar 4, 2010

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You can give the smart *** answers but you can't take it, is what your saying.....

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Essen Scheisse In Hades , Oedipus .

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