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It was a nightmare in a bus returning from college and it was raining hell and even with my umbrella I was wet completely and had to board a crowded bus due to the rain. It was my wet dress that caught attention and arousal to the guys and since it was jam packed there was no place to slide. The guys went crazy and had a good handful of squeezing, caressing my hips, butt and privates. I had to nudge and shout at them to stop. The noise of traffic and rain was so loud and my voice was not heard. I had to keep moving and by the time I reached a place to slide the most guys had touched brushed my breasts, butt and private areas to their delight and fantasy. There was this one handsome guy who got attracted and tried to cover me and eventually almost hugged me from the rowdy crowd. He had a big hard-on and could not resist rubbing it in. I did not mind since he was cute and pleasant. I finally gave his hard-on a squeeze and had to get down for my stop.

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It was the Xmas season and the local mall had an Xmas choir singing in the main was pretty crowded.....I noticed this guy with a great butt wearing jeans, so stood next to him, but just very slightly to his right and behind him........I very casually put the back of my fingers against his what a thrill!!!!!!! - and he didn't move or anything.........luckily there was no one to my right, in case he turned to me if he felt anything, and I could move away quickly.

I took a deep breath and placed the backs of my fingers against his butt again, but THIS time, I pressed - ever so gently - a little harder........still no reaction....

By this time my heart was pounding.......could it be that he really didn't feel my hand? then I realized that the denim was a very heavy denim. & perhaps he really couldn't feel me touching him.

So I kept my fingers there for a few seconds longer, and STILL no response.

I like to think he knew what was going on but rather liked it!!!

LOL......don't I wish.........

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I was 17 and taking my driving test for the 5th time, I was wearing my lucky shorts at the time which were a bit tight on me at that point in life so the outline of my **** was clearly visible. the Test proctor entered the car and my **** was the first thing to catch her eye she immediately began to rub my leg as if to calm me down I could barely focus. At one point she just grabbed me while I was attempting to parallel park she claimed she was "helping me" when the test was over she said I passed with flying colors although I really failed again, but she said she wouldn't tell if I didn't so she passed me. And yes this is a true story

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