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Why could she feel, the tight grip from the nerd's thighs around her neck. She was frightened until the end.
Minimaxhall Minimaxhall 26-30, M 1 Answer Feb 17, 2014 in Community

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Well, she should have done something about those bad horror movies where the victim runs to the killer or tries to hide but continues to scream like an idiot so the killer knows exactly where they

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yes... :) I just spammed my first spam btw :D sorry... Just so tired of all thees "Nerd strangling" topics... So I decided to do my own attempt. :S Sorry... :(

But definitely! Run and hide and don't scream lol! Or get some certain self defense weapon ;)

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Oh, I understand...the nerd strangling ones are ridiculous! and so are the new ones from this guy who lost a martial arts fight to a woman :-)

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I thought I was the only one alive in here... <3 Thanks for stabilizing my reality :)
This site seems a bit dysfunctional at times :P But maybe it's just me and myself that is the problem... Lavender... Have a nice day. :)

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Your right, it is dysfunctional at's not you.Thank you, you have a nice day too! :-)

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