so when my birth mom was pregnant with me, she didn't know i was in her until 4 months in. during those 4 months she was a heavy drug user and drinker(as far as i know she was using meth, various pills and a drunk). when doctors told her i was there she stopped using all the drugs and drinking, but then she was treated for organ failure too until i was born. what do you think about the brain damage or damage a fetus might have with all that? and do you figure that i'm a prime candidate for mental problems? granted i'm already diagnosed but schizoaffective and schizophrenia runs in our genes i suppose. but i don't think there's any way i could have made it through without some kind of damage. i was supposed to be a still born but some how made it out alive.
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You sound sane enough to me and you know what you are about.

Do not dwell on what is past.

You have survived

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I've seen so much of this way back when,and I've watched some of those kids in same circumstances grow up to be just fine. Don't go buying any excuses for yourself. Do your best at life.

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I did heroine , pot and drank throughout my eldest child's pregnancy same with my second. They are fine and well adjusted. My third I stopped everything except drinking and smoking ciggies. Fourth I was completely everything free. The youngest struggle through school while my eldest breeze through. My youngest 2 cant handle too much emotional turmoil where as my big ones can.

Bi polar and schiz runs through my family too.

Its what you allow yourself to dwell on that determines your life's path. I was really young and stupid when i had my first 2 kids and made stupid decisions.

Life what you want it to be, don't get hung up on things you couldn't have controlled, my older 2 dont and they know what i was doing when i was pregnant with them. They think they are miracle babies. They joke about how the world wasn't ready for their awesomeness so god made me dim it with the hero and pot.

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the intelligence you display in your question and details...expose you as a sane and sensitive wonderful person

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*yawn* shorten this story up

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Fetal alcohol syndrom is harder on a baby than being born addicted to drugs. Granted, these things are not good on a fetuses development, but there is nothing that says you have to have issues, so don't go looking for problems you may not have! If you let people lable you, you're going to have problems. Over come them.

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There are women out there who don't know until much later than that...

Much later.

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