luvdnce luvdnce 31-35 12 Answers Jul 27, 2011

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Dehydration, stress,

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perhaps you are trying the same old boring ways , add new toys or movies try using scented lubes, be adventurous and try new positions and styles !

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Maybe she is talking so much that she needs the moisture to produce saliva.

I'd suggest a ball gag or duct tape.

Or.. just put that extra saliva to good use.

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Have ya tried the magical KY varieties they advertise on TV ? lololol .. Gotta spice it up dude .. or it could be a medical condition? hmmmm... to be continued eh? .... good luck to both of ya!

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Maybe just ask her what turns her on to see if what you are doing is what she wants :P?

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Randomly mention girls you work with to her

Tell her you're not in the mood if she brings up sex

**** like that

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