To make a very painful story short. This women I was dating fell in love with another guy. I deactivated my facebook in december. This morning i logged in only to see her staus saying in a relationship with a guy. I really did love herand she led me on. Right nowi feel very down about myself. He was posting things on her wall in spanish and she told him she loved him. I was such a fool and im hurting extremly bc I gave her my time and everything I could. I guess they met at on of her track meets and he must be a better man than me bc the times I spent thinking of her over the last 2 months shes been with him. I really need help please.
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**** happens.

And every time you learn more.

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Yeah she played me pretty good. She got me no lie

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Don't think of it as time wasted as all relationships teach us more about who we are, who we strive to be and what we want and don't want in a romantic partner. You enjoyed her company, so how could the time ever be considered "a waste"? Let her go and look forward to the next special lady.

"....she led me on".

Dating is a two way street. When you were "dating" her, was it casual or did you have an exclusive relationship? Your term "dating" implies seeing other people, unless you had an understanding of seeing each other exclusively.

If, while dating this girl, Beyonce bumped into you at a store and thought you were cute...

How do you end your relationships when you find someone else?

Did you learn about her relationship with the other guy via face book? If so, then she acted in poor taste and should of personally let you know that she decided to see someone else exclusively. However, No matter how someone ends a relationship, it's a blow if you are falling for the person. I'm sorry to hear about your hurt.

Maybe she used you, maybe she liked you both, dated you both and picked the guy she thought was best for her. Unless you talk to her or her friends, you don't know the story. Some people are just bad communicators.

There is no such thing as a "better man", it's just a matter of who she thought was right for her.

Were you dating her for two months? You stated you logged in to see her status. Why? Were you already broken up or still dating? If you were still dating, why didn't you pursue a more serious commitment from her? If you're dating someone your falling for, it's best to find out how she is feeling and close the deal for an exclusive relationship.

Act like a gentleman. If she never "officially" closed the relationship with you, it's time you close it yourself. When you calm your nerves down go ahead and send her a private message politely letting her know that you saw her note to the other man. If she didn't end your relationship, you can disclose the fact, that you are disappointed in the fact that she did not contact you personally to let you know of her feelings for someone else and/or to end your relationship officially, in person. This will give her the awareness (if she doesn't already know) that her behavior is not acceptable to you, as you would have rather she told you personally. Let her know that you enjoyed her company and wish her luck in her new relationship.

The attitude of a man after a breakup clearly shows who the better man is. There have been times when i have ended a relationship and I have learned more about who I was dating by how he reacted.

Sometimes, I have been quite surprised. Trust me, she will see a man of respect and maturity if you handle yourself in a respectful and mature way.

I wouldn't be surprised if she or any other woman in the future, think twice after breaking up with such a man.

Good Luck.

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Dude sorry to hear that. I went through the same thing a couple of months ago. I know the pain is unbearable. Don't worry it would get better in time. I am sure you can find someone better than her.

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Feel for you man, Was in near enough EXACTLY the same situation as you, Only had it drag on for 2 years :/ Thing that works for me: Get blind drunk, find someone to get close to and vent out to. Learn to hate her. It's the only way to get out of it alive.

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the more down the closer you get to the daughter broke up & hooked up with another one........i was very disappointed as i really loved the guy..........Alas daughter knows best?!.......the new one is a better fit for her .............& You Will find one who Rocks your world! ...........don't let silly relationship cr*p get in the way of findin her :-)

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This happens to great people all the time.. Doesn't mean you are less of a man at all. You're going to hurt and feel all kinds of emotions but know there is someone out there you're meant to be with.. It sucks.. But you learn. And you will grow.... Take Care darlin.

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I feel for you. It happens all the time to people everywhere. It happened to me. I know it doesn't lessen your pain to know that, but you'll get over it in time and, until then, just know that there are people in your corner who know what you're going through. Hang in there.

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That's awful. He is not necessarily a better man but maybe they have something in common. Just move on and don't let it affect your self esteem.

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Its tough since I wasnt looking for no one and she pops in my life from nowhere then just tosses me like trash. I live in colorado and I have only my uncle and his 5 daughters all in school so im alone. I really dont see the point of life right now. And Im not the self pity type thats what makes it worse

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