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Ask her to help you find your new love. :)

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nope if she cant be with just you than she is waisting your time, find someone who will treat you with more value. by that action she has said enough about herself

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No. You can't love two people the same way at the same time. In the sense of loving a bf/gf, that is.

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Who is the new "love"?

Who is this one compared to you?

Sounds like a choice has to be made.

Can she have her cake AND eat it too?

How wonderful is that cake?

Don't you deserve cake too?

Just sayin'...

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She is superior to me in most every sense. A doctor, professional. I am but a waitress. I'm sure she can, and the cake is sweet. I am not sure if I do with my selfishness...

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Do not judge others by their titles or education or other such nonsense. Sweet the cake may be, but if you are a diabetic, it may be lethal...Everyone deserves rich, moist cake. Why should you be any different? Think hard on this one, little one. Regards....

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