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MPsslavetommy MPsslavetommy 66-70, M 2 Answers Jul 4, 2010

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Both, My slave. Most of the athletic shorts My male partners have worn fit this description. I believe the designers decided a fly wasn't necessary because the men would probably also be wearing a jock strap. Since they would need to pull the waistband of the shorts away from the body anyway to free their **** from the athletic supporter when they needed to pee, the fly was useless and omitted.<br />
<br />
The question of gender-specific clothing is so foreign to Me anymore that I sometimes forget I am part of a small minority who find the designation of certain items of clothing as mens' or womens' to be more annoying than helpful. But I guess that's what happens when You admit You are addicted to the beauty of seeing a man wearing gorgeous silky panties and a matching bra...especially when he is aroused...

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Thank You my Mistress. I hope I will be able to show You that, especially the aroused part.

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