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Cancel or woman, should pay their own bills. If you live with your boyfriend, then he should be paying half of the joint bills, but not the bills the woman or man have beyond those.

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Why on earth should he help support her? Were talking about a healthy adult right? Now if she was dead broke, loosing her home or something and this guy supposedly loves her he sure should lend a hand but other than that , why would he want to do something that's her responsibility as an adult?

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A woman should be able to pay her own bills if she is single and not have to depend on a boyfriend to help. You need to be able to be independent and not live your life expecting someone else to pay your way.

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I wish i knew where to start to get my life in order.

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Hmm lets see .. what century are we living in again ... I've lost track .. have we had suffragettes yet ?

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Should he be EXPECTED to pay some of her bills? Absolutely not! If he WANTS to pay some of her bills, then that is his decision.

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A female should pay her fair portion of the bills that pertains to her just as a male should.

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Each one should pay her/his own bills. If either of you is in desperate need of help, she/he should be willing to sign a legal loan note that specifies the amount being borrowed, the interest rate (if any), and the date by which it must be repaid in full. The legal secretary's/attorney's/notary's fee can be part of the loan, if necessary. It HAS been known to happen that couples break up. Whoever provided the financial help should not have the injury of monetary loss added to the insult of (perhaps) being dumped.

Part of women's and men's equality involves each paying her/his own bills. Equality sometimes means losing privileges--as well as gaining equality.

True equality between the sexes would mean that women should register for Selective Service at age 18, just as men must do. Why are there no marches in the street in favor of that one? Hmmmmmmmm....

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You triflin',good for nothing type of brother

Silly me,why haven't I found another

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insted of, a scrub like you who don't know what a man's about



you pay my bills?

can you pay my telephone bills?

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then maybe we can chill

I don't think you do

so you and me are through

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PAy your own bills, or change your name to Mooch.

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It all depends upon their situation.

Do they live together?

Do they both have jobs?

If the bills are strictly hers, then she should take responsibility for them

If the bills are joint bills, then they should both pay them.

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Geez, please your own bills. Otherwise, you are owned.

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