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I'm just going to ask you one simple question, what does your gut, Mind. And heart say. You have as you say your crush, do you really feel comfortable with that person, then go out and be your real self.

Good luck.

Your friends may think they know you, but you know you . You must deciede your own happiness.

It is your choice.

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but i get really scared taking to my crushes so thats why i asked my freinds to try

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Well you should take the first step:P

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But do you trust your friends or you.
Why do you have a crush then, or should I ask what is your crush, is it a person that you just know, or a person that you have feelings for.

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what first step

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Go with your gut, but having your friends help you out might not be a bad idea. Just be sure that they don't pressure your crush into anything. That can make things worse...

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