Some people call me paranoid but I think it is right. I study every person in my class, like an eagle watching over. Even conversations, I subconsciously analyse their wording, tone of voice, and pitch. I have a friend, whom I consider to be part of a stereotype that will inflict harm upon others one day. (Clue: nerd) I do not let him touch me, I shall shake hands, but that is it. I almost wanted to alert the authorities when he made a joke, physically grabbing another individual's neck and slowly rotated it 90 degrees. The person then asked why he was doing it, and he replied in a laughingly way: 'so I can kill you faster!' that almost crossed the line for me. He appears content and friendly. But it cannot be proven that something else does not lie that veil and that he is using this fake personality to lure vulnerable victims in, such as me. I have known him for approximately one year, and I will never tell him where I live, I only trust my parents and that is it. For all I know he could track me down, find me and then attempt to murder me. I can easily see him going insane, especially during present times, because I was informed that he will be joining the infantry, and he seems oddly dedicated to getting the job, and this thought on joining the army came out of nowhere. Also, he does not show compassion for those who die, or are about to die in movies, and he doesn't seem that fazed by his own death, either. He has some obsessive-compulsive tendencies and a few friends. He is not too outgoing and conversations are limited and short. He also educated an individual on how to hold a gun. Whenever he sees me, he smiles, waves, and then comes up to me to shake my hand, and asks me how my day was, sometimes he'll talk about physics. He has a very firm grip for somebody of his weight class. He says that he has hormone fluctuations that make him get aggressive every two months. Overall, he has a nerdy personality, but I notice he does not like to retain eye contact and sometimes his voice sounds monotone and I would like to know if this is the result of any underlying mental health conditions.
ceIestialwolf ceIestialwolf 16-17, M 7 Answers Nov 2, 2012 in Parenting & Family

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You both sound weird.

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tell the school authorities what you witnessed...immediately!

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pycho stay away

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be safe..

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Good or bad, in the world, as far as I know, you can't prosecute someone for what they might do.

If you believe that you have mental health conditions, you should see if that is where your fears are coming from.

I suffer from extreme anxiety, and only go outside my home for several hours per week. I am still waiting for meds to help with this and have recently started counseling.

I hope that you are able to get and imbalances in your life resolved and have a happy life ahead of you.

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