My ex boyfriend and I had a good relationship for awhile a couple years ago and then we broke up. we didn't talk for a couple years and then we started talking again. We admit that we still love each other. Last time I saw him we slept together and that was in November. He stopped talking to me. I like sharing things with people I care about I sent him a random message about a month ago saying I hope he is doing good and that no matter what I will always care about him and love him unconditionally. Tonight I sent him a message to invite him over to see my new place and for him to text or call me if he wants to come over and I told him I miss him. Tonight my son saw that my ex boyfriend liked my sons status and he didn't respond to my message. Am I being too impatient or should I give up on showing the guy I even give a crap? I'm about to give up/
missnosila missnosila 31-35, F 12 Answers Feb 1, 2013 in Struggles

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A man is always where he wants to be. Keep it moving girl.... you can do much better.

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He is not into you sad to say. Its obvious let him go, when you meet

someone good, he will respond to you first. You need to move

forward with your life, and stop letting this ex take advantage of

you, that is what he has done. Do not just sleep with someone after

seeing them for years that is not a good idea. It sort of indicates

that is all they wanted.

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find another while waiting for him uncertainly

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he just wants to see u sweat for a while then he might do U the favor of "sleeping" with you again - only when he needs it. -- when he is in between girls meanwhile you are pursuing this guy like he is alone all the time.

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Too sensitive or too needy? You're obviously not a priority in this guys life, so quit trying to make him yours. Let up a little.

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