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I'm 17 5'2 and its my last year of high school I like to look good and dress in right clothes but I also like to eat a lot
Crazybunny101 Crazybunny101 18-21, F 3 Answers Feb 13, 2014 in Health

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yeah, get fat... everyone likes sweating when it's 50 degrees outside... everyone likes struggling to get up of a sofa... everyone likes struggling to put on socks, ties shoes, cut their toe nails etc... everyone likes getting out of breath walking up a flight of stairs... everyone likes not being able to keep up with their friends, children etc... when they go for a walk, ride bikes, take a hike in the woods etc...

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how about you just be happy with whatever shape your in and if you get worried about your body shape join others in social groups who dont care about theirs...

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Whatever will make you happy.

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