I have no desire to die. But sometimes I wonder what it'd be like to just finally give up. I've thought of endless ways I could end my life, their mostly idle fleeting thoughts. I really have no reason to be depressed. I feel guilty for even thinking of these thoughts of ending my life. It goes in cycles though. I'll be perfectly fine, energetic, happy for a few weeks, and then suddenly that voice pushes its way to the front and tells me just how useless, and replaceable I am. Logically I know no one I actually care for views me as this, and so I feel even more guilty. I just get tired of fighting those relentless voices with logic every couple of weeks. Its like I can push them back for a few weeks and then they come back full force. Whats worse is I feel as though my concerns are invalid. I work with men and women who have seen much more than me, heck I haven't done anything remotely traumatizing like some of them have. They aren't getting help. So I wonder why I should
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Sweetheart, you are definitely depressed, and you need to see a therapist on a weekly basis for a while. Don't freak out that you are having those thoughts. They are symptoms of depression. The time when it is very serious is if you ever started making a plan...formulating how to do it. If that ever happens, don't delay...get yourself right down to the emergency room and get some help.

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My coworkers have seen their friends die in front of them and none of them are getting help. I, who have done nothing, and have had nothing overly traumatic happen to me, should be able to deal with my own problems. Its just I'm worried maybe one day I won't be able to? I don't want to be considered "crazy" either, or have them find out and think I'm weak.

Best Answer need help...please talk to your Dr. I'm here if you need / want to talk. Please take it seriously..depression is a horrible thing...there are ways out..I promise!!! xoxoxo

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i know there are other ways out. I haven't really formulated a plan. Like i said, i don't want to die, Its just i didn't know if my problems were serious enough to warrant psychological attention. I'm considering getting help now. Its just hard to come to terms with me being "crazy". I'm scared others will find out.

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IF you ARE " hearing voices " you'd be doing yourself and those who love and care about you a disservice to NOT seek professional help.

I don't view this, your description as simple depression. There is something else going on in your head.

Don't thumb your nose at " Big Pharm" Under the right care, they have saved many lives from suicide and worse.

IF you really are " hearing " voices in your head telling you day with out proper care they may tell you worse things.

Please take care, get help ! (( hugs ))

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its not anyone's voice. its my own, its like i'm hearing me say all these whispered doubts and such to myself.

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Sounds like depression to me--yes, do get help. Been there--the right meds can help enormously.

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