My son hits himself alot (to the point of bruising), he also pulls at his ears so hard he sometimes tears the lob.He'll do this usually when he is upset but sometimes out of nowhere. He is very dependent, regardless of the attention he receives.His speech is a little behind, he seems to understand but unwilling to listen.Doesnt matter how many times you say no he still does it.He is also very hard to control, if left to his own he just takes off and wont come when called.This goes behond usual excitement and what I would consider normal behavior for a child his age, especially compared with his older brother.He is starting to become violent with his brothers and us.I have 3 children, so I have a good idea of whats normal.I try not to jump to conclussions but its getting worse not better.Its hard to explain in full detail but I hope its enough to go on.Thoughts?
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You say his speech is behind...

Does he hit himself out of frustration, because he cannot get what he is saying across in the way he wishes to?

Maybe try and understand him better.

Instead of just saying no...

Get down to his level, talk to him...explain to him, give him a hug...and make sure there is plenty of eye contact.

Sometimes we get so busy we forget to focus...and instead of talking to them, we talk through them.

Hitting is an attention getter...

There is something behind it all.

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I do all that and thats why this has been so hard to deal with. I wish it was just frustration but it goes behond that now... he as good days and bad days. But like I said its hard to give the whole story in not alot of words. But thank you for your advise

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I work with children and if I saw these symptoms in one of my students I would definitely recommend that the parents have their child tested. Violence due to frustration, as well as the speech delay, can be signs of Autism or sensory disorders. It could also be something as simple as being highly sensitive and requiring specific parenting techniques. Either way, the younger than the issue is pinpointed and gets worked on the better chance your child will have to fully function in a preschool/school environment down the road.

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yea.......if you want to cause my grandma got me tested cause she told my doctor i never stay focus adn stay on subject lol but yea its up to

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You didn't say whether the other two children are older. Head-banging, self-biting and scary stuff like that happens sometimes and it goes away but if not, then I would have him checked. I mean, he could be just wanting attention or it could be as bad as autism - you don't know. Definitely have him checked and good luck!!

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I would advise that you speak to a doctor or other child development specialist.

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