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Stop being an idiot.

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That would be very rude to your hosts, and we'd miss you.

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least your not planning on taking a whole bunch of innocent ppl with you i guess

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Now, that is even less funny, mister! I hope you're not serious. Cylons do not look good with holes in them.

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Go for a koch.... likely you'll fail with just the result you desire but if you must spend you then why in such a waste?

Spend it better than such a pointless waste

Are you really gonna drink the Kool Aid that says things are hopeless to change and there's nothing you can do?

There's fear behind that idea designed to make you think it's true so you don't realize how much it's a lie and there's so much that can be done working together

If that ever came about it's over for the wealthy's run of control so they try for just what you seem to have fallen for

Take a few of those with you to serve your wine in the afterlife at least

Or quit...

Best of all, vote with your income group... those are your peeps and great effort is made to keep your peeps divided as such a group could write it's own rules and simply stop playing the rigged game.... that turns guns on the group but the u.s. is no military genius and it's leaders are poor including those held as notable

We out produce and just walk forward with numbers and poorly designed, quickly produced material that opponents run out of ammo before eliminating the force

A win earning the Government Issue service which all other military exists to support the 11 Bullet-stopper summation for the "job" or even more noble still of the murder and destruction we encompass in the term that would never be recognized as anything but the criminal acts they are cloaked under the honor earned by NOT attacking civilians or destroying properties not directly supporting the conflict... a lesson we didn't learn the lesson from our loss of the White House for our atrocities in Canada.

Call a pig what you like, the term change doesn't change the form

Fight back... don't be cowed into going gently into the darkness of death

Let's see who can make the potus order as the first domestic drone killing to shut up

Bet I'm first

I have a knack for disrespect that instills real hate from the type drawn to authority positions and D&D adventure modules format translates great to "adventures" using Google earth real world locations and factual data to set up scenarios showing civil insurgency rather than riot, a clearing of the Personnel from a given office building (fox I'm looking in your direction), or clearing a sparsely populated counties police then taking the military post and its armory, moving up to revolution and the movement and support of infantry and the siege and taking of the foreign soil of d.c. and the wall were accountability is reinstituted after abandoned in the lack of spine to deliver the example that the tricky **** admin STILL many of the "players" handing us wars for false claims like WMDs that just passes

Then I go personal if still awake and not taking a dirt nap

The evil will stop or I will, and profit before life is evil... I won't suffer it any longer for fear of my life and I LIKE life and ME

Not enough to ignore what has become to preserve it... that lot needs

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That is up to you.

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I am not good at making major decisions on my own.

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Speaking from experience from being suicidal: You have to decide for yourself if you want to die or to continue to live. If you need someone to talk to call a friend or family member, or a crisis hotline. When I go I will not be talking about it, never discussed my past attempts before hand.

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