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I supose you have to be comfortable yourself with it.

This happened to myself at 15 or so, althogh i had been feeling, rubbing my mums feet at times if sitting on the sofa etc. The time when i was 15, one of her friends was around and they had both been shopping. I was in the lounge sitting next to my mum on sofa with her friend sitting on chair next to her. Some small talk taking place, when her friend said about her feet aching. She had on strappy heels, and tan tights with dark reinforced toes. Her skirt was above knee when standing, so sitting in the chair quite alot of leg was on show. While she rubbed her soles whilst still in her strappy heels, my mum pipes up saying i was good at massaging! I was embarresed when she asked to give the a rub. After some encouragement from my mum, i knelt in front of her friend and tok her heels off and started to massage one foot. A few minutes it seemed with some small talk again she commented on how nice it was. I was enjoying alot, and swapped feet. As i did i repositioned myself as my legs were aching, her massaged foot went on my lap. I suddenly had a view of her nyloned thighs, and i was very aroused. With her foot in my lap i am very sure she noticed. Her foot was resting right on it and she moved her toes couple of times. My mum said how relaxed she looked. I started to massage her lower leg wghich gave me a greater view of her inner thighs. i was in heaven. Mum stood up and said we should use the sofa. And she moved round to get coffee mugs off the floor, i got long glimpse of my mums stocking tops. Her friend saw me looking a her thighs and then my mums legs. I thought it was over, when she said it would be better on the sofa. She moved onto the sofa and wasnt modest about her skirt riding up. I was sitting by her with her legs across my lap and i was massaging her legs and thighs now. And i noticed she wasnt wearing panties under her tights, and a thick full bush could be seen. She said it was a good job she wasnt wearign stockings like my mum does, as she would go all 'unnecesary' if bare flesh was touched. Mum came back into the lounge and jokingly said about her friend having long feet, noticing how far up her legs i was. Her friend moved her skirt a bit so i couldnt see her pubes, tho more not let my mum know what i could see. Coffee was served and the massging stopped. Her friend then recomposed and positioned herself sittng normally on the sofa and commenting on how nice it was, then winking at me and looking at my jeans. I was still erect. My mum mentioned that i could make a living from it. Doing it bare legged was mentioned, but her friend said, she wouldnt have been able to stand it. 'your son wouldnt have been safe if i hadnt got tights on' saying that while laughing. I looked at my mum embaressed a bit wondering what she would say when she commented, ' i know what you mea'n, past the giggle band and i am in heaven' meaning her stocking tops.

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Personally, I have a foot fetish. It is very misunderstood by the general public, so I will try to weigh in on the subject.

When I was 14, one of my mom's friends (she was 37-38) let me massage her feet. Nothing sexual or romantic about it: I LOVE feet, and her beautiful feet were sore, so I put my heart and soul into her...well, soles :)

I still look back and reminisce about her letting me rub her feet. She was an attractive woman (beyond her feet - believe it or not, feet guys look above the ankles too), but the foot massage was very innocent. He is 13, hitting puberty, starting to understand who he is. Its a very confusing time, especially for a deviant. Sure, he wants to suck your toes or smell your feet, but he may understand the boundaries. If he doesn't, make it clear if he wants to make a move.

These days, I am much more open about who I am. Foot rubs are just foot rubs - the sexual component is much more complex. I love to take pictures of women's feet, but not because it makes me hard. I just love feet entirely, I see women's feet as another would see a sunset: beautiful.

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Does he get a little woody while he's doing it?

Do you get a little wet?

Stop teasing the poor kid and let you bf do the rubbing.

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I know he is trying to turn you on. The reason he wants to do that is to turn you on turns him on.

In fact if you let me massage your feet with your nylons on that would turn me on.

He is just being a kid and I am being a guy. So he is sort of both so I guess you better not let him do too much of that.

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