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I really like this guy a lot ! But he smokes weed And sometimes ditches class. We arent friends but he has said stuff to Me before One of the times he called me beautiful and it cheered me up because i was crying About something . we never had a conversation though and he hasnt said Anything recently. Except for 2 weeks ago my friend Waved at him and he waved she said he looked at me The whole time then looked at her. By the way i think he might be.a player.:/
Swanlake1234 Swanlake1234 13-15, F 4 Answers Feb 10, 2013 in Dating & Relationships

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Some people can smoke too much for too long, and ditching class a lot will land him a menial minimum wage job. It's okay to like the guy, but you might not want to be deeply involved.

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Weed is something I can overlook, as is ditching. Just because he does it doesn't mean you have to. But if he's a pla<x>yer, beware. Don't give him anything good unless he's worthy of it, love.

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