i like a girl that i don't know if she likes girls too.i know she likes me as a friend but we are actually not friends cause we she has zero time at the moment and we don't share some classes in univercity.i realy want to know her-and i wanna kiss her-but i as get closer i think of her more and more.i'd like to know if she is straight and then i could keep an emotional distance.she is 13 older and she's a serius person so i feel ashamed to ask her and maybe she will feel uncomfortable and i don't wanna messed up with her cause i have already zero friends.i usually show people what i feel through paintings or poems, but still i'm shy to do that with her and she might don't get it.last time i did something like that it didn't get well at all! so what would you suggest?
marypoet marypoet 18-21, F 2 Answers Dec 15, 2013 in Dating & Relationships

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I dunno, I'm not into girls, but when I was in college I had a couple of them announce their crush and I found it flattering. it didn't change anything in our friendships

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