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I got a blessing and got a check now I have spent some out of it I was planning on going Xmas shopping this Saturday and get a little more food for the holiday now I am only shopping for my boyfriend and special needs 19 year old daughter and probably his mom now I was already feeling bad about not being able to give him anything we have been going together 6 months. Now I owe Verizon and its due on the first if I get a money order Saturday I know it will be there probably by then thats my worry and will I be alright until the next Saturday think my daughter will get her check I will have a lot more money I worry a lot and part of me is saying shop Saturday so you can have peace during the holiday my daughter aide and my boyfriends mother have given her something my boyfriend and I have not discussed Xmas he did give me a card he is understanding.
peaches2 peaches2 46-50, F 1 Answer Dec 20, 2012 in Community

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I'd be willing to bet that you already know the answer to your own question. Xmas isn't just about presents, and it doesn't have to arrive on any single, one day. You can make any day Xmas... Just take care of yourself and your family.

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