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Prevention is better than healing.

Correction is better than revenge.

Education is better that punishment.

It is really unbearable to see sins occurred before

our eyes, especially to members of our family,

little kids, innocent and helpless people.

Yes, we cannot encourage sins with costly

and ineffective measures. Societies must be

transformed, education must be enhanced,

human dignity must be respected. The more

our sicieties become civilized, the more crime

will be reduced, especially the crimes of war.

In war, crimes are causing injuries to all the

human race. In war, nobody cares about social

evils, cultural damage, spiritual oppression.

We must do our best to transfer money from

war for education.

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Yes. ASAP.

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depends on the murder... but pedophiles...YES!!!

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impossible to answer with such a small amount of information. but i do believe individuals with broken minds should be erased from the community. however it's impossible to find the judge to execute this.

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well reading about the irish girl murdered in Melbourne, made my blood boil. reason for my question!

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YEP! I will do the deed for the state for free.

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lame! they should all share a common room in prison.

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I fell that they should be sentence to death rapist should get there bulls cut off murderers should go through what there victims did but in a slow painfully way and then death penalty

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If proven by DNA to be guilty, yes. I have never heard, of a rapist or murderor, clawing his way out of a grave, to repeat a crime.

Lots of bleeding heart, do gooders on this question. They seem bent, on not holding criminals responsible, for their own decisions and actions. Blame it on someone else.

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No. People can change. Sometimes people judge other people for one thing. Maybe they helped with a homeless place, or charity, or something else really good. Judge them for one kill or rape, and all the good goes away! Think about it! One thing ruined everything for them. Don't be like that. There is always a good person inside. :)

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???, to take some ones life?? to just take some ones dignity and leave a person a wreck after rape ah come off it, are you really serious????

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Yes, I am. It's called forgiving.

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well good for you but i could not forgive that!!! no way....

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I know it's hard, it was hard for me, but I did, and I saw the good. :)

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Some things are not forgivable, by any sane person. Even forgiven, he is still guilty.

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And he faces punishment of what he did with guilt and lonliness.

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No then we would be no better than them

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not true..

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