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Those kids that stabbed that girl in Wisconsin got 65 yeats in jail ! I am all for time in prison, but dont you think that is a bit extreme. They are still in their non adult stage and their brains have not fully developed yet. So I guess 30 years is not enough. Im sorry, but this is a bit extreme. What do you think.
zonus zonus 31-35, M 8 Answers Jun 9, 2014 in Politics

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Yes. 12 is mature enough. Anything that happened not by accident but an actual planning should be enough reason to put a person in jail. Even a 10 year old know what a murder is. Just my two cent.

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life, meaning life - captive up until their natural death, or a swift injection.

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I know. But this is still a bit too much for people who have a mental problem. I do believe that this is a very complex issue here and slapping a bunch of kids in prison up to life doesnt always solve the problem.

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