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ALthough I think gun culture is an issue here - perhaps we should really look at how we take care of our mentally ill and why we think what we have is currently acceptable.

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Well Felons and the Mentally Defective have almost always been prohibited from owning weapons since the Nations founding.

Keep in mind in Early America the citizenry were even allowed to own Cannons. One such example was Judge Roy Bean of Texas.

All weapons are potentially "Assault" Weapons. True Assault Weapons are fully automatic.

The Legislators who want these weapons banned are irrational and making another attempt to grab more power from the citizens. They want to do so on a piecemeal basis. A chip of the rock at the time, so that before too many become aware...the powers that be will have dictatorial control over society.

Given the reputation of our Politicians in Washington and many others around the Nation one has to ask the question " Am I comfortable allowing our Government to own all the militarily significant weaponry, without any realistic potential check on Government Power?"

Read the history books and the deliberations the Founding Fathers made concerning our Bill of Rights in the Federalist Papers and the answer to the question posed was a resounding "No". Given that our Military is only about two million and the nations population is over 300 Million, one has to ask " Can the military be effective at suppressing the will of the Citizens if they were armed with militarily significant small arms?

When one examines how effective our Military has been in recent conflicts against groups primitive backward savages, one has to say they can prevail in battles at times, but the cost of doing so is Prohibitive over time its just not worthwhile. That is in a nutshell why our Second Amendment is so vitally important to preventing Tryranny.

Do we trust that our Politicians and Government are not so corrupt that one would never want to ask why would any thinking person would want to give away the means to resist ,and live free of potential Tyranny?

That is why our Second Amendment was created and why it exists today!

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Assault weapons - real select fire weapons - are already subject to extreme permitting. It isn't the weapon, it's the culture. I could, were I so inclined, be easily able to do terrible and long lasting damage with 19th C weapons. Lever action rifle. Revolver. It isn't the type of gun.

I think the isolation and narcissism of modern society is hurting us.

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A assault weapon is no different from any other firearm. Most just look different, not function different and for the record, mentally ill people aren't allowed to "pack". That doesn't stop them from breaking the law.

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Yes, to both statements!

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