I got sick in Jan 2011, my boss told me my job was secure and not to worry about it and to take care of myself. I was in and out of hospitals and doctors with this and still am. However in Feb 2011 I found out 3 days after a cat scan was done, that my position was not longer available, collected unemployment, only 3 wks left, then no where to go, no $ to pay bills, eat, etc,. will lose my car, my home (I rent), everything. I don't know what to do, I've gone to services, I have to have an income to get housing, I got denied disability, it's been appealed, takes a while as you know. I can't work with this illness, I have no family, all deceased, my suposid friend isn't a friend any more, so I basically just sit at home trying to figure this out. I also have no children to stay with, no oom or funds to help me get to their state even. What can I do? I'm not looking for handouts, only advice, I've never been in this situation before. I've always taken care of myself.
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I did a Google search for the exact same words in the title of your post here. That's how I found what you posted here

At the end of my google search it just said thoughts of suicide

Throughout my life I've met people along the way and if I something you get a nurse

I was there nurse

Somebody needed to place to live I found a way to put a roof over their head by moving them and with me

They had no food I showed up with groceries

Car broke down I came and picked them up

I've been actually gave a car to somebody because they lost at home and their job and had no place to live

They lost somebody they loved I showed up with a box of Kleenex and a bottle of wine or shoulder to cry on

And now that I'm going to some part-time's myself for the last 10 years but especially over the last five and it's getting worse the last six months

My friends are busy

I don't hear from them

Nobody returns phone calls they send text messages lol

I remember when my financial problems really started I got all kinds of wonderful advice

What's ironic and even more sad is the advice that I got from people that I actually knew fromgood friends acquaintances

Is the same exact advice that you're getting here on this website from total strangers

So I'm not Gonna give you any advice but I'm going to thank you for let me know I'm not the only one having some problems here I'm a keep trying if you promise that you will to

Best of luck and I'll say prayer for you

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If money is tight then you might have to make some changes. Do you have cable, disconnect it. I did and I save a bit of money there. Do you own a cell phone & land line, disconnect the land line...You need to get a support system in place. There must be a community resource center in your area, give them a call, they're there to help. I know it's hard, I've been there. I hope things work out in your favour.

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Thank you for writing. No, I don't have cable, phones, none of those luxuries, I don't even have gas to cook with. I've been without alot of luxuries. The community ctrs here only help you once a year for utilities and rent, I have to wait until Nov now. The churches have helped me already with food and utilities as well, no help for shelter though. I may have to sell everything I own and my dog I've had for 13 years that I love dearly, but I have to survive somehow. Thank you again and hopefully things will work out soon.

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Isn't is sad when you are in deep trouble and you supposedly friend doesn't want to know you, I'm sure if had been the other way round you would have been there with all the help you could give to them.

I know here in the U K, an English person can work all their lives until something strikes them down, then they have to struggle for weeks to get any benefit, whereas there are the shirkers who have never worked from school and will never do so either,

are raking in money with no problems at all, also we get immigrants come in from the EU countries and are able to get money, homes and benefits, and much of the benefit is sent back to their families in Europe. I should imagine it is exactly the same with your problem "creativeone57".

From what I have read you have more real friends on here, than the "friend" you thought you had, ever was. I hope with all me heart everything will get resolved for you soon .. please take care xx

Your boss wasn't exactly an angel either!!!!

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Maybe you should consider taking in a border to help with expenses, if there is an extra bedroom. Then I've heard others say sale anything you don't really need for income. Anything to help you make it until you can get some kind of income. Hope things improve for you soon.

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Go to the web-site Helping Hands Ministries. They helped my friend immediately who was in a similar situation and they paid for their rent, expensive medical procedures/bills, and really kept them going for quite some time.

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Register with some of the charitable websites. You will see some people are regular contributors. We help each other as much as we can afford. Sometimes we pay your utilities directly. Don't lose hope. Some of the sites I know are Tree of Wishes, Modest Needs, Aidpage and Wish Upon a Hero.

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go to the hospital they exspet helping street bums when they are sick so they can help you too.

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