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***Was spoiled as a child

Dresses head to toe in high end designer clothes(even undies and socks)

Is extremely rude/demanding with waiters or anyone in the customer service field

Doesn't go for the homemade kind(dinners, gifts)

Never had a real job/still lives off parents

Checks herself in a mirror all the time

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thanks for your answer

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The only time you will enter into this gladiator fight is when you are the gladiator and the lady is the lion. Does that give you a sense of how this works? If you do, then it should make anyone think about the agenda. :-)


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it does lol

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Not true monkey guy.

Id say one who expects you to spend money on her all the time. Without any reciprocation.

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always wants to be on top

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thats great on top of what :)? joking
understand what you mean thanks

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One that would be wanting free meals all the time.

Maxing out the guys credit card.

These are just a few signs.

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free meals all the time ? what if i cant one day
thanks robyn

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any female are never good enough......even if they do not say it.......

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I'm female. And old. But when I was young, I used to go out on double dates in the Hollywood area and often the other female on the date would be a gorgeous young actress (we have a lot of them around these parts). As soon as the date was underway and we were headed out to dinner or to a movie, the young acress would scream, "OMG!!! Get me to a hospital! I'm having a PANIC ATTACK!"

Now if you think about it, this really makes no sense. After all, if you KNOW you are having a panic attack, then you must know you are not dying and do not need a hospital. However, from that moment on, the entire evening revolved around one hyperventilating, crying, shaking, screaming young actress and her visit to the hospital. No dinner, no movie. Just the three of us waiting in the emergency room while cute little Tiffany got diagnosed with....a panic attack. And, inevitably, while we waited, her date/boyfriend would say, "I keep telling her not to take so many of those diet pills!" And we would wait until the official diagnoses happened and then she would have to be taken home. And then our evening was over. I never once remember the young actress saying she was sorry to inconvenience us or ruin our evening although her boyfriend/date said it over and over while we all dealt with it.

This, to me, was the epitome of high maintainance. And the reason I still will avoid all social occasions involving young actresses or model.

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