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NoVADad703 NoVADad703 31-35, M 3 Answers Jan 17 in Parenting & Family

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the hardest thing is bearing all the financial burden alone; trying to be two parents at once; not having enough emotional support or help to get some time off once in a while to relax.

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any challenges or worries i had being a single parent came from my side...having no soft place to fall when i became fraught with my responsibility as a parent. I also worried greatly about who would raise my daughter if i died, i did what i could with life insurance coverage but that didn't address the reality of her not having a mother.

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There can be an unrelenting sense of responsibility and isolation at times. You just want someone to give you a break, and it's sad if it never happens, because though you love your children there's a sense that you lose your original identity and replace it with just one persona, mother. That is a wonderful and privileged thing, but it's important not to lose the other sides of yourself.

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