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My wife has a sinus infection and just informed me that twice today she has felt a pain start in her head that traveled down her face, neck and to her heart. Have you ever heard of this before? She has had no pre-existing heart problems but does get sinus infections a lot but this has never happened before.
crazywhovian73 crazywhovian73 41-45, M 1 Answer Jan 3, 2014 in Health

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go ask the gays..

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If you don't know, that's okay but please don't attempt to be fukin dickhead over this based on the fact that you don't like my profile pic.

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it was a joke,..& do like your pic..... my fam. all had sinus infections over the x-mas break..even my mom who came for x-mas from Ca...fevers & chest hurt took about a good week to get over & felt weak.... Hope she feels better...

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okay, sorry about that then, I was just freaking out over this.

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my fault.. we lived on Sudafed Sinus, fever meds & cough drops.... hope all gets better.. :)

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