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is trying to board a bus. But her dress is too tight and she can't make it up the step. There's a growing line behind her so she discreetly reaches her hand around to loosen the zipper in back a bit so she can step up. But she still can't get up. So she reaches around again to loosen it but she still can't move her legs. She reaches around one last time. Just then the guy behind her grabs her around the waist and gently lifts her on to the bus. She turns around indignantly and says, " How dare you! You're a stranger"! He replies, " Well after you unzipped my zipper for the third time, I thought we were getting to know each other pretty well".
555calif 555calif 51-55, M 5 Answers Apr 1, 2014 in Community

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A gentleman would help her with the packages she is carrying

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Lmfao hahhaha

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** laughing ** ;}

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