school club. I don't run this and only do it to make up hours as I only get about 17 hours in the daycare. However, most of my co workers are between 17-19 with the exception of one who is in his seventies and me who is 25. There are a few workers who come in occassionally who are my age but I am one of the oldest regular workers. Because I look young and because many people in my department aren't qualified, some of my new co workers have mistaken me for being their age. One of them asked me today if I was at college and I was embarrassed and said I hadn't and already had a qualification. He then asked if I wanted to go to university and I lied and said *No.* Although I have a degree already. I was so ashamed about lying but I kind of felt he would judge me for being in a job below my qualifications and didn't want to explain myself. Also my real age would then come out so that would be two lots of amazements to him. I feel so ashamed and embarrassed. I know this will all come out s
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I think making a game of it would be cool. I would say ok youngen lets get to work. I would let them know I was older and have them speculate on to what extent among themselves. I would just keep it a secret forever. little remarks like when I was still young and maturing I thought like that. When was that? Can you check on room 3 for me, and walk off. Leave them hanging.

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Don't sweat it.....It can be just a misunderstanding. No big deal.

I think it is GREAT that you are doing that. Working with children is so rewarding in itself.

So be flattered that you look younger then you are. As you get older you will certainly appreciate more.

Enjoy Your Day Now !!

Love those kids !!!! :-)

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Do you think I should be ashamed of doing this job when I have a degree though?

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why if you enjoy it, I don't think a monetary reward is everything when you love doing something.

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NO......working with children is the hardest job to do. Not everyone can do it. Yes it is great you have a degree to better yourself but do what makes YOU happy that is what is important. Be proud. YOU are doing AWESOME !!! :-)

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I guess I worry people will judge me for being in a lowly paid and low status job...

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Who CARES what people think ? As long as YOU are HAPPY and the job you are doing is truly rewarding. Don't sweat the little stuff. Life is too short to worry ! Have FUN at your job !!!

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NO, not at all !!! Embrace it ! You are doing an AWESOME job !!!!
Not everyone can work with children. Enjoy ! :-)

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