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Across the sky

A jet trail following

I wish that I was on that plane

On my way to some far destination

Undiscovered never mentioned

Sipping on the high of expectation

I awaken to the shade

Maybe it’s a rained out town

One you want to leave behind

When the winter’s on the ground

If you ever wonder

We believe in the cold grey lights we dream

There’s a place for us


Yes we believe where the white sands touch the sea

There’s a space for us


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That's lovely - and sets just the mood for my zzzzzzzzzzz

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It's not's a song by Duran Duran. Nice to dream about though. :)

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Simon Le Bon !

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John Taylor....rowr, rowr. :d

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Happy thoughts?

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yes. Happy thoughts sounds good to me!

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The most Beautiful place in the World.


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Sorry you are breaking up .... can't get what you said......

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I'll loan you a Horse, and show you the Corntry side

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Travel. With a Union Jack and the name DumbLondoner, you need a change of scenery. Something tropical, perhaps.

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Mmm I like that - Hawaii I think

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since you're a dude not me lol

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Feeling is mutual

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Another Dumb Londoner??

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There is but one

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I don't believe it!!! In ALL of London.. just ONE dumb person?
amazing!! Pleasure to meet you!!

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Yes - I only became dumb when I moved here

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