dreamcommander dreamcommander 56-60, M 8 Answers Dec 7, 2011

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I got some of the housework done! I've been putting it off for a while...Now I have to work until 9 pm...BOO!

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No, I did it yesterday.

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Yeah.. I FINALLY started my laundry.. I waited till I had no clean clothes so now I'm in my PJs waiting for them to be done washing haha

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No. And I don't think it's gonna happen.

My son is ill. Fibro is making me feel like someone worked me over with a ball bat.

I'm tired. Pooped.

There isn't a thing that can't wait other than taking care of my child.

I'm gonna be easy on me today.

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No...I'm being lazy. I have every intention of doing it though I swear!

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yes! I finally bought the tickets for vegas

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