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Simply put, the education system over the world is different from region to region. Who were you told to be? How did you awaken? If you do not feel its effects, you are asleep. Keep dreaming. Where I am from they tried to teach me to be a lingual fanatic, a separatist. They tried to teach me that English was evil, that only rich, abusive people spoke English and that if we wanted to be rich too, we had to expel them first. They tried, with me, they failed. With others, total success. I awoke when I realized that many anglophones were poor too, when I realized that most people were made poorer, not by anglophones, but by the government, with bogus taxes, police acting as tax collectors, but more specifically, when they assaulted people aged 16-17 and ordered them to class. That is when I realized something was wrong, that is I realized I was lied to. So, how about you?
habatur habatur 18-21 1 Answer Nov 14, 2012 in Politics

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I was taught to be mature and appropriate. To make decisions ba<x>sed on what is best and most reasonable. I was taught that fairy tales are ba<x>sed in foolishness and desire is akin to distraction.<br />
<br />
I woke up when I realized I'd set aside all my hopes and beliefs to appear as something I never actually was. I'd put aside my desires and dreams to support those of everyone around me. And nobody cared what I'd sacrificed because they had no idea.<br />
<br />
And now I choose to believe in fairy tales. I dream beyond my capability. I make decisions ba<x>sed on what I want rather than on what is rational. And I support people because I believe in them and not because I need them to believe in me.

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