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Well I was on the phone with my boyfriend whom I haven't talked to since way earlier this morning (Because we BOTH dropped our phones in water today lol) and well I knew he was going into some caves with his best friend today, but what I didn't know is that he apparently almost died. He said he was climbing up a cliff or something, and it was a really far drop and his friend was at the top with like a rope (CLASSIC I know) trying to help him climb up. But he slipped a few times, and he almost fell to his #d00m but luckily he caught onto something and got up the cliff. He told me that when his foot slipped or whatever, the first thing he thought about was me.. and I was like AWWW.. BBY.. It really meant alot to me and you guys don't give a SHHIIIIII T but WHEEEEEE<333
FireStarters FireStarters 18-21 May 25, 2014 in Dating & Relationships

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