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I've been a little preoccupied with what's happening to me.

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The US military is equal to the next six largest in the world combined and spends twice as much as any of them. We pay half the expenses for NATO and the UN, but we're simply not here to fight everybody's battles for them. Especially not in third world countries where the minute we leave they're likely to go right back at it again and the Kurds have been fighting everybody in the region for as long as they've existed. Unless there is something in it for us it's just not likely to happen and we're not even going pay much attention anymore than we do to African children getting their hands chopped off or being forced to join militant rebels.

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The same reason that nobody cares that we stirred up all that mess in Afghanistan starting back in the late 70's to humiliate the Soviet's, payback in some minds for Vietnam

"What is more important in world history? The Taliban or the collapse of the Soviet empire? Some agitated Moslems or the liberation of Central Europe and the end of the cold war?"

Zbigniew Brzezinski," National Security Adviser in the Carter Administration

These operations were funneling funds through the Bank of Commerce and Credit International (BCCI)

and were mixing with financing for Maktab al Khidmat lil-mujahidin al Arab (MaK) bin Laden's first association with the Muslim Brotherhood as a major financier after graduating in civil engineering also in 1979

By '85 the CIA had implemented three secret actions in Afghanistan, to supply the Mujadheddin with military advisers and Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, to engage in guerilla actions in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan along with British MI6 and Pakistani ISI support coordinated with Afghan opposition, and support ISI activity to recruit Muslims from all over the world to come fight in Pakistan with the Mujaheddin.

By 1992 the communist regime was over but Tajik and Uzbek forces in a Kabul free of Pashtun control for the first time in three centuries soon fell to ethnic conflict and by '94 the country was reduced into fiefdoms of local warlords with next to no unity between them

Meanwhile they found oil and natural gas

The chaos was inconvenient for oil interests who were finding the area attractive and had begun investing in the region like 1991, when Chevron committed to investing $5 billion in the Tenghiz oil fields in Kazakhstan.

A pipeline across a secure Afghanistan would be profitable as well as denying Iran and Russia interests in the energy resources of the area, a win win situation in which many seemed to think the Taliban to be most capable of enforcing the security necessary to the venture.

The Kurds of eastern Anatolia are a big issue for Turkey and it would be problematic if we upset Turkey by supporting Kurdish interests and they withdrew support in the region

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Great answers. thanks.

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They span the north of Iran Iraq and into Turkey and helping any of them helps all or at least so says Turkey and we just want the oil so we stay mum on that subject

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Been writing a piece on all that mess if you couldn't tell ;-}
the Bank of Commerce and Credit International (BCCI) was set up around the time papa bush was heading the CIA and was involved in Iran/Contra and laundering drug money outta Afghanistan among lots of other mess. Abscam in the u.s. used Arab guise because of ties like this at the time and it looks like the Vatican got involved along with the mob in the u.s. and even killed John Paul the I who came in as a reform Pope
1982: 'God's banker' found hanged

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A fella recommended me a book about Gods banker cant remember the name of it now. Nothing surprises me anymore

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I know... I just about cried when I found out about the Vatican bit as it just seemed too crazy to be real
History channel put it on Decoded a couple of weeks ago though and it's got the magigoria prophecies mixed up in it so there we go back to your question again

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No country. No oil. Bad sit. Nice people too. But, again, no oil.

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If they had their own country they would have a lot of oil.

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