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Ok,It's something that women ought to know and Don't..

It's a man thing...Give him room..If he's into you he'll be back..

DO NOT: text or call more than twice.Leave a message that you were just calling to say Hi,

DO NOT:question where he's been or if he is seeing someone else.

Be busy when he calls back but,in a fun way.Tell him you are glad to hear from him but,

your sorry he didn't call sooner,you made plans to hang out,see a movie,whatever with

some friends.

DO NOT: try in any way to make him jealous.

Men like women who have a life of their own. A man wants to share a woman's life

not be her life...He needs room to be a man..Not a Dog..

That being said he'll either call or he won't and you'll know if he doesn't it's time to let go..

DO NOT: beat yourself up if he doesn't call back..It simply means he wasn't the one for You.

Better to find out now than 2 kids and a divorce down the road...

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just move on... if he likes u....he will text u....who knows..maybe he is thinking the same things u are ;)

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Well everything they have said has happened..if you cant find him or he cant find you without the phone...then move on to better fish. It was not a serious relationship. If he knows how to contact you through other knowing where you live work or work out...if he doesnt make an effort to find you within 2 weeks...Never give him the time of day again. but its still early if it just been three days.

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1. Go out and club get new guy numbers soon

2. Maybe his phone fell in the toilet (it happened to me)

3. Maybe he is busy with the next gurl

Positive Thinking Cap: RELAX until further notice

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he's moved on dear

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Maybe he's busy?

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are you in a relationship like boyfriend/girlfriend? or are you just a booty call? If you haven't define your relationship than you just someone to just take out. don't call him or texted him anymore. maybe its over and he isn't telling you.

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Dear God, mutli media world, maybe he has no credit. Try the land line instead.

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He's not into you. Sorry! If a guy likes you, he'll make an effort.

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