I had a baby 2 years ago I started dental school and it's all my fault I'm not on birth control and my husband is in the military and he now chooses that this is the time he wants to get me pregnant and I've been enjoying him soo much I'm guilty. I think I can make it through college pregnant. But I'm scared about the kinda stuff I will be around for instance I'll be around radiation. Maybe and that's the most deadly I think girls can work in a dental office pregnant. But by the time I graduated In December I think I will be 7 months and might not be able to go on a externship because of not being able to get the hepatitis shot while I'm pregnant. :(
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Ask your hubby if you two could postpone the pregnancy for s couple more months...

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What's done is done I now made a 100 per en chance I could be pregnant and unless I'm under talk or he is then I could be I wanted to go to college and get in shape but I'm also blessed to be married and I can't let anyone ruin me so I will try my best to still graduate

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