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In the UK we've gradually reduced the presence of tobacco in daily life. We've banned smoking indoors in public places, banned tobacco advertising and now we are now banning the display of cigarettes in shops.

This along with public health campaigns has reduced the numbers of smokers in the country significantly.

Maybe the US and others should follow.

I think smokers should be treated for smoking related illnesses still. Firstly because you don't have to smoke to get them, you could just passively smoke. Also with illnesses such as lung cancer, 10% isn't smoking related. Secondly it seems unfair because it is an addiction and with the powerful advertising and little support for quitting you can kind of understand why so many people do smoke.

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Maybe insurance shouldn't cover any type of tobacco related illness....

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Me having a *** in public aint a problem and we pay loads more into the health service than we cost it.

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The power of lobbyists.

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