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I've been in a rough patch the last 22years of my life and considering I'm 23 may emphasize on the social issues i have had to endure, thus far. To sum it all up i consider myself an "outgoing introvert" and love to be adventerous and try to enjoy life with small groups of people or close friends/family but the main issue that has kept arising is, how to speak in front of people, an immense group of people, people who i don't even know? I can't think straight, my physiology takes over, its palpable, face is flushed, when i speak i don't even feel like i sound like myself it reaches like a whole other octave. What do i do? How can i try to successfully present in front of peers so i don't continue to fail classes due to my phobia!!
fernl86 fernl86 22-25, F 3 Answers Jan 22, 2014 in Health

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just belt it out so everybody can hear you, and make sure to tell them daydreamers to pay attention

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Netflix... The King's Speech.... A start

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