about some FUN and/or CREATIVE lists? I really want to know....
PoetryNEmotion PoetryNEmotion 51-55, F 6 Answers Jul 16, 2012

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The list my love and I are creating to check off all the things we want to do together.

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That list? Is this a blackboard one? LOL! xoxo

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Yes, that is the list. xoxoxo

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Apparently not...

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Blocked list.

People that have me blocked list.

Friends list (which is also the people who will have me blocked in the future list).

Women I will never sleep with, except in my dreams list. Oooo yucky, Grandma get off that list.

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Why do you care who blocked you? And your last list-PRICELESS! *laughing* How HOT is your Grandma?????

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I don't care who blocked me, except I want to make sure I take them off my Christmas present list. Actually both Grandmas are rather cold. Like frost barrier cold. Like "If grandma was alive today what would she be saying?" "Help. Get me out of this box. It's cold and I can't breath in here."

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I can top that. My grandmothers were so mean, they would have eaten the wolves that came to their doors. Horrible women!

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Just so you know. If I die before you. I'll find them and tell them you said that. :P

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That is fine. They know I feel this....

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Black list

Red list

Waiting list

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Waiting for what list? Red list? Explain, please.

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Black for my ennemies... never lose one of them
Red list... keep my attention
Waiting list.... sort of todo list !

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Good. Thank you.

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my sh1t list

my hit list

excuse list

xmas card list

shopping list

list of things i forgot on my shopping list

to do list

get someone else to do list

forgot to do list

dont forget list

and this list of lists

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top of the list?

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Stuff to get done list

Concerts I want to do see list

errands to take care of list

books I want to read list

movies I want to see list

places I want to do before I die

things I want to accomplish list

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