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I dream in the sack

I'm being attacked.

Is it where I am at

or the weight of my cat.

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Yeah .. um ... keep the day job, lol ;-)

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Some poetry is cathartic. So meaning something to someone else is irrelevant.

Go ahead. Plant some poems. Grow a poetry. :)

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It all depends on who you're writing for. If you write poetry for your own emotional release and don't really care what other people think then it can do whatever you want.

If you want others to enjoy your poetry, then you need to hold yourself to a higher standard. Having it come from deep within your soul is only one piece of quality poetry. The rest is skill and hard work. Some editing and critical thought can go a long way to making okay poetry great.

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Why worry? You are the boss of you and your poetry. If I thought of others when I painted....that just wouldn't work. Continue on......

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What's the question?

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