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I've convinced her to go to counselling, she was in some kind of place to try get her self esteem up, she talked to that suicide hot line. I'm with her day in day out, i'm scared to leave her side.. nothing is helping! She still says no one loves her and cares about her. It's frustrating me and making me feel CRAZY! Got any other suggestions? PLEASE!!!
Bjva11 Bjva11 18-21 5 Answers Jan 27, 2012

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You can't help her if she isn't willing to help herself, yes it's a tough spot to be in but if someone is going to commit suicide no amount of love, help or caring you give them will stop it. I have been there with my sister and nothing we did helped.<br />
Your last resort is to go for commitment, call the suicide hotline yourself. If she's in immediate danger they will put her on a psychiatric hold!

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stay close, give her a hug and tell her your there to be with her, let her know how much you would be hurt if she was gone...

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call mental health on her. One, it says you love her and want to help her and two stands your ground that you will not be held hostage by suicide threats.

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