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I know every single preposition in alphabetical order. To the tune of "jingle bells"

Example, "About, above, across, after, against, along, among, around, as, at, before, behind, below, beneath, beside, between, beyond, and by...." ect. LOL!

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I have five fingers...... On each hand. =/

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I have no gag reflex.

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Bright lights in my eyes freak me out.

Sometimes the veins in my wrists or ankle blow out.

I can twist my left arm down and around so as to be able to grab a hold of my scapula from the same side.

I can speak in tongues.

Once when I was a kid I sleepwalked and basically told my babysitter that I was going to slaughter her.... or so I was told by her boyfriend years later, she never really gave me the details of what I said but she hated me after that night for good.

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bend it like beckham

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I'm ambidextrous......and I can raise one of my eyebrows...while keeping the other one level....

kinda like The Joker"....:)

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I can wiggle my ears

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I can flip people off with my toes! I have four fingers on each hand.. and a thumb (not a finger) on each as well.

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I can crack every joint in my body

I can bends at the knees with my feet pointing straight out to each side but still keep my knees together

I have completely flat feet no arch whatsoever

I can put both ankles behind my head at the same time

I can cross my ankles over my thighs without using my hands (yoga crossing)

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