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There is no way if this loving and forgiving god you worship would judge anyone if he is just that. Yea...makes me wonder if you'll go to hell for judging others. I doubt your god said anything about being rude and judgemental towards others as a way to "spread" his word. Idiots. And just to clear something up...i don't care when people go to church and believe what they want...good for you but to presure me to change my belief and tell me what i think is wrong and then be rude by "condemning me to hell" is just over stepping it.
PanochaReview PanochaReview 66-70 6 Answers Apr 21, 2010

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I tell them I am a witch. Then try to convert them.

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i was in the same boat as you!! a man told me I was being intolorant and narrow minded not beleivi him...and the fact i did not want to read the bible (which was his reguest)...i dont know like he thought maybe if i read it i would change my opinion on it?the whole piont is that it ****** me off they THINK they can change our mind...yes well the poeple who do OVIOUSLY wanted to beleive to begin with and are a bit shakey.....but the rest of us who stickwith it do not and we stand by it

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What ever turns you on just do it.

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