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Hey folks, I need your advice. My partner and I are getting married in 95 days and things are quickly rolling together. However, at present there are 3 last nights of freedom planned. The last weekend of April is the stag do, then everyone wants us to have a sten/hag do (given some of the bridesmaids are friends with groomsmen and a lot of them have girl/boyfriends etc), the second weekend of May is the hen do and the Friday after is the wedding. Hubby to be and I are planning the sten/hag because if we don't one of my bridesmaids is going to and it sounds like it will be what we don't want. The day before the proposed sten/hag is also my future father-in-law's birthday. Does it seem too messy to have these 3 last nights of freedom followed by the wedding? If so, what would you do? I don't want my bridesmaid to plan a sten/hag do we won't like/can't afford. I also think that's a lot of spending right before the wedding! Thanks for your thoughts!
CorruptedAngel CorruptedAngel 26-30, F Feb 11, 2013 in Marriage

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