I had a dream I was in the ocean and there were several women in yellow swim caps & each welcomed in a bright blue and white spotted sting ray. I looked down and seen enough room for two under me my ex got out of the water and I had 2 of them under my belly as I swam the women were both ones I knew and did not know but there were 2 under me and in the dream I felt panic..Is this a dream signifying my fertility or what does it mean?
Jayangel Jayangel 26-30, F 6 Answers Feb 2, 2010

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swimming dream represents emotional issues, I agree with PJ; a sting in a dream represents an action or remark that has hurt you, may also symbolize love; you say your ex was in the dream, so put 2 and 2 together: you still have unresolved emotional issues from that relationship, and a fear of being "stung" again

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Could you be pregnant? I had weird dreams but they were the worst while I was pregnant... I still have the dreams that are strange, mine come true tho, a little different from your dream.

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it means don't swim with stingrays

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hi ,

well to begin with the ocean more then likely is representing your emotional issues at the present time the fact there are several women with yellow caps might be time to get your head into a better sunnier perspective ,perhaps you have been down and the stingrays can be posionous stinging hurtful .so perhaps since the ex was getting out ,your FINALLY able to avoid all the stinging emotiional crap he has been dishing out .

time to keep up with your female friends and get on with being a happier person .

thats my take on it .'hope something helps a bit :}

pj :}

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