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Ha, ha, this is a good one. I hope a few stories come around. From what I've been told there are women who when placed in that type of atmosphere get looser and have more "fun" than might have ever been imagined. My wife was shocked at the way a fairly reserved woman we knew quite well behaved with the male strippers at her own bachelorette party. She turned full on **** in a big way. It disturbed my wife. I wasn't surprised at all, actually more amused. I've never heard of her acting that way since and the couple has been happily married for many years. We're all human. She just let her freak flag fly for once. As far as I know it ended there. No harm done as far as I can tell.

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When my wife and I were engaged back in 2003 she went to a male ***** club a few times. The name of the club was the Palace in Saugus MA. She took a liking to an attractive ******** and bought dances from him and touched him and enjoyed him. She later went back with 4 other girls and this visit was different.

He bought her a beer from the bar and made small talk with her. He asked her personal questions and had an in depth conversation. She then asked him to give her a lapdance and that is when things got crazy!!!!

He was dancing fr her rubbing her hands all over him and that is when he started getting aroused my wife thought "that's cool must be normal" and she did notice he had a large and fat penis! During this part of the lap dance he slid his thong aside exposing his erect penis and placed my wife's petite hands on it. When she realized her hands were on his **** she ran away went to her friends and they all left.

When she got home to me she smelled like oil and was upset and started telling me the story expecting me to get upset and break up with her. Buuuutttttttt idly enough and surprising to me it turned me on like crazy and made her stroke me off while telling me the rest of the story. I came rather quickly then we had sex. I believe it bothered her I liked it instead of her being happy

But whatever, that night changed me! Now I try to get her to go to watch male entertainers and she wants no part of it. A shame really!

Thanks for reading

PS this is 100 percent true

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Stories of chipmunks with transvestite raccoons.

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Got this story in mail mailbox - not me !

My wife and I have been married for almost three years. We live in the suburbs of a big city so we are not sheltered from the goings on of the clubs and night scenes. A thirty-minute drive will lead you to whatever excitement you are looking for. We met in college and fell in love right away. We got married right after graduation.

Kelly had a few experiences with guys, but since we dated for almost two years, it was safe to say that I was pretty much the only guy she knew intimately. Kelly was very conservative, almost painfully shy. She was a knockout though. She was tall and slim with very nice breasts. She weighed about 115 lbs, blonde hair, and blue eyes. She was the typical all American girl. She had a great sense of humor and we got along great.

Although the sex was good, I longed for Kelly to be a little more adventuresome in bed. She shied away when I tried to introduce **** or sex toys. I wanted more than the typical missionary position ho hum sex life than we were engaged in. I wanted some spice. I needed to keep things lively. Little did I know that things were about to take a 180-degree turn for the better.

One of Kelly's friends from college got engaged and asked Kelly to be her maid of honor. Of course Kelly didn't hesitate to agree. They spent the next couple of weeks doing what it is women do when the start planning a wedding. I tried to stay out of it as much as possible. One day Kelly came told me she was having difficulty deciding what to do for Kelly's bachelorette party. I made a few suggestions, but Kelly seemed to think they weren't wild enough for her friend Michelle. Kelly really wanted to show Michelle a good time on her last night of freedom.

"Why don't you guys head into the city to one of the ***** clubs? You can't go wrong with a ***** club," I said.

"I don't know Jim. I've never been to one of those places and I don't think I would be comfortable at one."

"What do you mean," I asked.

"Well I just don't know. Do they get know...naked?"

I couldn't help but laugh. Kelly was so naive. You could tell the subject was embarrassing her.

"Of course they do. Why do you think the call it a ***** club? It's not like you haven't seen a man naked before. What are you scared of?"

"Well what if one of them tries something? I mean what if they try to rape us or something?"

Again I laughed, "Kelly they have security there, and besides no touching is allowed. You will be completely safe. Trust me." Although hesitant, Kelly agreed that is what they would do for Michelle. She acted like the thought of going to a ***** club disgusted her. I, on the other hand was hoping she would enjoy it. Maybe this would be the outlet I was looking for to loosen her up in bed a little bit. It could backfire on me though and send her further in the other direction.

The girls set the date for two nights before the wedding. Kelly and her friends met up at our house and headed off for their big night.

"I won't be home too late honey. I promise," Kelly said as she kissed me goodnight.

"Don't worry. Just have a good time and be safe. Don't drink and drive."

"I won't. Mandy is driving us tonight anyway. You sure you don't have a problem with where we're going?" she asked as she looked to me as if I was going to try and stop her. She wasn't going to get out of it that easy.

"Of course not Kelly. Why would I get upset about something like that? It's not like I haven't been to ***** clubs before." Oh ****. Did I say that out loud?

"Oh really? I guess we'll have to discuss that when I get home. I'll see you later."

I don't know how I was supposed to feel about my conservative wife going out to experience men in the nude for the first time, but I knew it was causing a stir in my pants. I went to the room and had a quick **** session thinking about my wife surrounded by some young studs with the tools swinging at her. I couldn't get the image of my wife stuffing dollar bills in some guy's thong while she admired his package out of my mind.

It was close to 2 am when I heard the car pull up in the driveway. Kelly and her friends made a lot of noise when they came in and were obviously very loaded. I heard them giggling as they talked about there night out on the town. Some of the more boisterous girls were talking graphically about certain guys they had seen at the club. The made comments about how big of a bulge certain guys had in their thongs, and how they would like to see their packages in the flesh. Some even made the comments about how they'd like to grab the guys and see how big they were hard. Almost all of them compared the men to their husbands and made remarks on how much bigger these guys must be than what they had at home. I just heard Kelly giggle along with the rest of them.

Kelly slipped into be about an hour later. I could tell she was very tanked.

"Jim. Are you awake?"

"Yeah," I replied. "Did you guys have a good time?"

"Yeah it was kind of fun. Some of the girls sure made fools out of themselves. You should have heard some of the cat calls they were giving those guys."

"Well what about you. Did you see anything you liked?"

"Oh hush Jim. You know I just went along with Michelle because I'm her maid of honor. I actually thought it was quite funny seeing those guys dance around in their little thongs. I did have fun though."

Kelly reached over and started rubbing my crotch. My **** was getting hard instantly. Kelly was wild by her standards tonight. I usually had to initiate any sex. It was almost unheard of for her to start with me like she was tonight; I could tell that her night out had made her quite horny. We made love like never before that night.

"Oh yeah Jim **** me. **** me with that lovely **** of yours," she screamed.

I was shocked. I had never heard Kelly use words like that before. Her words sent shivers down my spine straight to my ****. I couldn't hold out any longer and was soon sending streams of *** deep inside my shy wife.

Once we caught I breath I looked to Kelly and said, "wow. Maybe you should go to those clubs more often. I've never seen you act like that in bed before."

She just blew it off to the alcohol, but I thought there was more to it than that. What she said next shocked me more than the way she acted in bed.

"You know the club we went to tonight had both male and female strippers. Maybe we could go there together one night. I don't know if you'd like it that much because neither the girls nor guys get totally naked though. I'm sure you're used to seeing more than that at the clubs you and your friends have gone


"Well if you going there means that we'll have sex like we did tonight then I'm all for it. I don't care who gets naked as long as we do when we get home," I said as I kissed her good night.

Kelly woke up the next morning with a hell of a hang over. I could tell she drank a little more than she was use to.

"Well it looks like someone is paying for their sins last night," I said with a smile.

"Tell me about it. I haven't felt this bad in a while," she said as she poured herself a cup of coffee.

I had to find out if she really meant what she had said the night before about us going to the ***** club together.

"So Kelly when are we going to the club together? Did you really y mean what you said last night?"

She sat there silent for a moment and said, " Jim you know I was really wasted last night, but if it is something you really want to do, then yeah I guess we could."

Hell yes I thought. The thought of watching my wife oogle some young stud dancing for her was driving me wild. I made plans for us to go the next weekend. I could hardly make it through the week without jacking off.

When the next weekend rolled around my wife and I got ready to head out to the club. Kelly wore some sexy little blue lingerie. She wore my favorite blue satin string bikini panties with the matching bra. She completed the ensemble with a short mini skirt and thigh high stockings. I wanted to rip her clothes off right there before we even got to the club. I couldn't help but think that she was dressing up to make an impression on the guys she was going to see *****.

We got to the club around 11 o'clock and there weren't very may people there. The club was set up so that the women strippers were on one side of the club and the males were on the other side. There weren't any dividers so if you sat in the middle you could see the action on both sides. Kelly and I sat in the middle of the club and ordered a few drinks. To my surprise there were quite a number of couples in the place as well. Kelly and I both sat quietly and watched opposite sides of the room.

Kelly turned to me and asked, "So do any of the women you see over there excite you?"

I made a comment about this little ebony girl who was wearing some little white panties. She was very sexy and turned me on tremendously. Black women had always turned me on. I guess it was because I never thought I would actually get to experience one. Maybe it was because I thought these women were unattainable.

"Well I didn't know you were fond of black girls Jim. How about I go over there and ask her if she'll give you one of those lap dances?"

I couldn't believe my ears. My shy little wife was going to purchase me a lap dance. I agreed that I would like it very much. Kelly got up and strode over to the girl and I could see her whispering in her ear and motioning to me sitting at the table. My **** was starting to get hard. Kelly and the ******** started making their way over to the table.

When they got there the black girl looked at me and said, "hi Jim. My name is Trisha. Well Jim your wife here tells me you like what you see. Is she right? Does this black ***** get you little white **** all excited?"

I could only nod in response. My wife paid her the money and Trisha started dancing to the music. She

was soon turned away from me and started grinding her *** into my crotch. I know she could tell that I was hard as hell. My **** was aching against my pants. The bulge in my pants was noticeable and Trisha just kept looking back at me and smiled. If she kept this up I would blow my load in my pants very soon. She then turned around and hooked her thumbs in the side of her panties and pulled them to the floor. Trisha was standing before me with a pretty little trimmed bush. I couldn't take my eyes off her mound. My wife looked at me with surprise on her face. She had thought that they couldn't get naked in here.

When the song was over my wife looked to Trisha and asked, "Trisha I didn't think this place was totally nude. I was in here the other weekend with some friends and none of the guys took there clothes completely off. Why did you?"

"The women can go totally nude, but the guys can't. It's club rules. I can't explain it. It's still a male dominated world honey. Most of our clients are men and I guess they don't want to see guys sitting around here with their dicks hanging out. Makes no sense to me either, but that's the way it is."

With a pat to my crotch Trisha said, "I hope you enjoyed the show Jim. From what I felt I know you did." She smiled and turned back to the stage. Kelly just looked over at me and the bulge in my pants and smiled.

"All right Kelly you got to see what I liked, now let's see what you want," I said as I turned and pointed to the other stage. There were a few guys dancing to no one in particular. Kelly scanned them and said, "I don't know Jim. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea." I could tell she was starting to get embarrassed, but I wasn't going to let her off that easy.

"Oh no ma'am. You aren't going to get away with that. You set me up and now you're going to get a lap dance too."

"I don't know Jim. We really shouldn't."

"Come on Kelly. This was your idea in the first place. Now pick one and we'll get out of her if you want, but you're going to go through with one lap dance though.

She reluctantly agreed and scanned the guys for a few minutes. She ended up picking a guy that was about my height with bulging muscle and a rippling stomach. I gauged the kid to be barely eighteen years old. He was wearing a little leopard stripe thong with what looked to be a huge ****. However, since the club policy didn't permit any male nudity, it would be easy for these guys to stuff their trunks and get away with it.

Anyway I went over to the guy and asked him if he would give my lovely wife a lap dance. He looked over at her and she turned her head away nervously. The guy agreed and we walked aback to the table. Kelly couldn't even look at us, and you could tell she was trying to hide in her shell the whole time. The guys introduced himself and started dancing for Kelly. I could sense that she was trying not to show how much the guy was turning her on. She smiled as he dipped into her lap with his pelvis and she looked over at me, as her face was beat red.

When the song was over I asked the guy about the no male nudity thing. "Well our boss doesn't want us to do it out here on the floor, but we do have VIP rooms in the back where we are allowed to give private shows, and we can take it all off."

"How much is that," I asked.

"It starts at 50 dollars and goes up from there depending..." he said letting the last statement hang in the air.

"Well what do you think Kelly? Do you want to see what he has hiding down there?"

Kelly was still as red as she could be. I think she really wanted to, but was afraid to admit to it with me sitting there next to her. I kept prodding and she finally agreed. We went to a small room in the back, I paid the guy fifty dollars up front and Kelly sat in a chair in the middle of the room. I sat in another chair over in the corner so I could watch Kelly getting her first glimpse of another man's penis. A site I was sure she hadn't seen in several years. The guy turned on some music and started dancing. It looked like the continuation of his dance out on the main floor. He gyrated his hips at Kelly and made his bulge jump out at her. Kelly just sat there embarrassed, but completely entranced at her ********. The guy then hooked his thumbs in his waistbands and started slowly removing his thong. I could tell that Kelly wanted to turn her head with shyness, but her ***** kept her from doing so. Once the guy had his thong all the way off I couldn't believe the sight. His **** limp was much, much bigger than mine or any other **** I had seen. He had definitely not padded his thong. It swung down low like a damn fire hose, and easily as big around. I must say I suddenly felt a twinge of jealousy. How inadequate my **** must seem to Kelly right now after seeing this monster. She was beet red, but her eyes were locked on his tool.

"Do you like what you see baby," the guy said as he smiled at her. "I bet you've never seen one like this before have you? I bet your husband over there wishes he had one like this." Although he was right, it still mad me mad hearing him talk to my wife like that. How dare he make fun of me like that? I was the one paying for this show anyway.

I started to get up and grab Kelly by the arm and take her out of there when I heard her say, "my god look at that thing. I've never seen anything like that before. You're twice as big as my husband and you aren't even hard."

The guy just looked over his shoulder at me and smirked. I wanted to punch his *** out, but to be honest the site of my wife oogling the biggest **** she had ever seen was starting to make me hard.

"I bet you'd like to touch it. Wouldn't you?"

"No. I can't. I mean my husband wouldn't approve of that and he is sitting right there for Christ's sake. I simply couldn't"

"Come on he want mind. He probably likes this. I bet he is getting hard right now." He was right. But I wasn't going to say anything.

"I'm sorry I can't." Kelly looked to me as if I would give her some reassurance, but I just sat there. I was going to let this go wherever she wanted it to go. I wasn't going to stop anything no matter how bad I wanted to.

"Well would you like to see it hard then? Why don't you hike up your skirt a little bit and give me something to look at and I'll make it hard for you."

Kelly looked over at me. I just shrugged my shoulders to let her know that it was her choice. I really didn't think she would go through with it though. To my surprise she said, "OK. But don't touch. I've got to see what it looks like hard though."

She slowly hiked up her little skirt giving him a view of her little blue panty covered *****. I couldn't believe my shy little wife was giving this guy a shot of her panties, but she was totally overtaken by the site of his ****.

"Nice panties. I bet you have got a tight little ***** don't you. You ever been completely filled with a big ****?" I still couldn't believe how this guy was talking to my wife. He was a completely different guy once he got us back here.

He was slowly stroking his **** looking at my wife's panties. It just kept growing and growing. When it reached it's full hardness I bet it was at least 12 inches. How could such a young guy like this have such a big ****? Just the genes I guess. He started rotating his hips letting his huge member dance in my wife's face. She was totally lost now, and I'm sure she forgot I was even in the room. I could see a wet spot forming on her panties. She was totally turned on by the site of this guy's ****. He moved in front of her and spread her legs. She tried desperately to keep them together to hide the fact that her ***** was soaking wet.

"Well it looks like someone is enjoying the show. Look how wet her ***** is getting." He moved around to the side of her to let me take in the view. He was standing with his **** only an inch away from Kelly's face. The sight of her wet panties and his big **** silhouetted next to my wife's face was causing my **** to strain against the confinement of my pants.

Kelly couldn't look me in the face. She was ashamed that she was getting wet for this guy.

"Are you sure you don't want to touch it baby. You know you want to feel what a real man's **** is like. Look at that little bulge in your man's pants. He can't give you anything close to what I have. He's completely hard watching you enjoying my ****."

I just sat there speechless. It was me that couldn't look Kelly in the face now. I guess her hormones took over. She was not even aware that I was in the room. She was totally enslaved to this guy's ****. She slowly reached out and took a handful of his ****. Her little hands were full of meat. She slowly started stoking his **** up and down. She soon found herself with both hands wrapped around his ****. His **** still stuck past both her hands further than my **** is hard. Her eyes were totally glazed over with lust. She continued to stroke his ****.

"You like that don't you baby?" Kelly just shook her head in acknowledgement.

The guy then moved over to her and stood her up. He hiked her skirt up over her hips exposing her panties fully now. He moved his hand down and started caressing her *****. Kelly was now moaning loudly. He then moved his hands up and removed her shirt. He unhooked her bra to expose her supple breasts. He squeezed her nipples between his fingers, and again she let out a soft moan. She was now totally in his control. I couldn't do anything but remove my **** from my pants and started stroking my own inferior **** at the site of this guy taking control over my wife. He now had his **** sticking between her legs and Kelly was slowly rocking back and forth allowing his **** to massage her ***** through her panties.

"I think you and your husband want me to stick this big **** in that little ***** of yours don't you. Look at him stroking that pathetic little **** of his. You need a real man."

With his words I just stroked my meat faster. He told Kelly to pull her panties to the side and stick his **** in her if she wanted it. Kelly did as he said and took hold of his **** and guided it towards her slippery ****. He eyes grew wide as the big head entered her tight love tunnel. She worked it in slowly at first until she was stretched and used to the size.

This guy's huge **** was soon rocking her. She was wailing with pleasure.

"Oh **** me. **** me with that big ****. Oh god it feels so good to be filled with ****!"

The faster she ****** him the faster I stroked my ****. The sight of my beautiful wife being ****** by this ******** sent me over the edge. I blew my load all over the floor as he pounded away and my wife screamed with pleasure. The ******** also began to moan and I knew it wouldn't be long before he was blowing his load as well. With one final thrust he sent his seed deep into the areas of my wife's **** that I was never able to find.

After it was all over he pulled up his thong and my wife pulled her skirt back down over her hips. I cleaned myself up as well, and the guy came up to me and gave me my fifty dollars back.

"I should pay you money sir. That was the best piece of *** I've had in a while. She sure has a tight little *****. I don't think it'll feel that tight to your little **** anymore though. Bring her back in anytime you want to watch me **** her again." He turned, blew a kiss, winked at my wife and left the room. Kelly and I left the room immediately and headed for the car. I think we were both in shock about what had just happened back there. We sat speechless as we drove the car home. Once we got there Kelly tried to console me.

"Jim I don't know what just happened. I just lost control. Why didn't you stop me?"

"I was as stunned as you Kelly. You didn't look like you were too interested in me stopping you. You seemed to love that guy's ****!"

"I just couldn't help myself. You seemed to enjoy it too. I saw you stroking yourself while you watched. Are you happy now? Is this the kind of spice you were looking for in our sex life? Does this make you happy?"

"I must admit Kelly it did turn me on. I never thought watching you get ****** by another guy would turn me on, but it did. Are you mad at me for this?"

"I'm not angry Jim. To be honest with you I'm hornier now than I have ever been in my life! Why don't we head to the bedroom?"

We both mad a dash for the bedroom at once. We could hardly get our clothes off before we were all over each other. Kelly's panties almost stuck to her because of all the *** the ******** had deposited into her *****. He was right her ***** was stretched, but I did manage to make her *** several times. I guess since she wasn't as tight it made it a little less sensitive for me and I had some good staying power. I did have some intense ******* every time she yelled out how much she loved his big **** and how it felt so good in her little tight *****.

Needless to say Kelly and I are regulars at the ***** club now. I have watched many of the male strippers **** my wife. I have even got to watch Kelly and my favorite little black girl make out several times as well as join in. I was searching for a little spice in the bedroom, and what I found was that and then some. Kelly is an absolute nympho now, and even though she has had many different and bigger ***** than mine, we still love each other very much and have a wonderful relationship. Not to mention a great sex life!

Tnx to author BH

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The Party THIS IS THE STORY--please help if you know anyone in southeast PA or northern MD....please!!!

Hi Paul!

So you say you don't remember too much about Saturday? Poor you! Let me tell you everything then.

I will try to tell all. When I planned to have a few of the girls over the other night I also planned to ask you to come over and fix the "broken" toilet at the same time and turn the tables on you in a card game in order to see your bod - which as you will see is exactly what happened!

So when you arrived in your cap and coveralls it was so perfect! You of course were interested in the five of us and our little Mardi Gras card game and had no way of knowing it was all planned ahead of time! I had everyone bring a mask and $10.00 worth of quarters. I brought an extra few rolls for you! When you arrived and saw us playing I of course knew you would have to go and fix the toilet so I asked the girls if we should invite you or challenge you to play and sure enough one of them said, "Only if we can get him to lose all of his quarters and bet his clothes!" I didn't even have to tell them that was what I had planned all along!

So I went to check on you and invited you to come and say hello and have a drink with us. And you said yes and came out to meet everyone. Well, I could not have written a better script when you said, "You ladies sure you know how to play?" That's when Ruth told you to pull up a chair and put on a mask and I pulled out the bag of quarters, and Joan said, "But in this game the loser pours a shot for the winner." And you said ok, you could drink. And we all laughed and taunted you, and then you asked to go to the bathroom to clean up first. While you were gone we all decided to let you win for a while and keep pouring you shots, and then when we had lost all of our quarters we would bet our shirts against half the money you had, and that the winner would pour from then on. And we guessed correctly that you would agree to that after a few shots.

We also decided we would then bet all of our bras for all of your quarters, but before that bet we would rig the game. So you did win the next 6 out of 7 rounds and we eventually lost all of our quarters. And then you said, a with a little slur,"What else you wanna bet?" So I told you we would each bet our shirts for 1/2 of all of your quarters. You sort of laughed and said OK. And Mary said she wasn't sure but we all convinced her but now you know it was a big act. So you won and you then got to see us all in our bras and pour us all shots on that round because the rules changed. And there was a lot of acting and pretending to be shy about giving up our blouses. Then I said I thought it was time to take a break and distracted you asking if you would help in the kitchen before the next bet and you being so noble and helpful and drunk agreed.

We talked about what would be bet next and if we were serious about continuing since we were losing. I told you I thought the girls had been drinking a lot before you got there and that this was your big chance to win! Well, when we were all back at the table we had to set some rules for the rest of the game. And so we asked you if you wanted us to continue playing and you said yes, with a smile while we all pretended to be a little nervous. And when we said that there be no stopping until all the clothes were gone and you agreed after more gasps of false modesty on our part. And we all agreed that the winner would still pour. So we bet our bras against all of your money and you lost ....because we gave you losing cards.

So now you had no money to bet and were really drunk and we were not. We reminded you that you had been betting for our clothes and now we wanted you to bet yours! You should have seen the look on your face. You had been sitting there with a big pile of quarters and 5 tops and a big grin and now you had a shot glass in front of you, and you were really drunk, and there were 5 excited women at the table.

So you said, "OK, what do you want me to bet first?" - and you also said you didn't know if you could drink anymore! Mary started chanting "Sip or *****" over and over and we told her to stop.You don't remember that? She was very excited! Well, everyone started talking at once! Mary said everything. Ruth said your shirt. Patty said make you do a s**** tease if you lose. Joan said let him bet one thing at a time and get really drunk if you kept losing. So we asked you what you wanted to bet and you said your shirt. So we took that bet and said one of us, high card, would get to take it off if you lost and you of course lost and Joan took off you shirt while everybody hooted and hollered and cheered!

You were a little wobbly so we knew you were really drunk. So we decided to see how drunk you were and just gave you 5 bad cards and you bet "whatever you want" and we all just howled and again started blurting out all kinds of things like, "... put music on make him dance and let us take off everything, and ...make him lay down under a sheet and touch himself, while we draw cards, he loses, the sheet moves down one foot and he has to drink, he wins the sheet stays and we drink, and, if he loses we get to tie him up on the floor and rub him with shaving cream, (and my favorite), make him wear a blindfold and try to find us - each time he can't, he drinks and takes something off and finally - if he loses make him s**** and do himself in front of us." Well, we decided to make it a s**** bet and we would get to dance with you in the basement and take off ALL of your clothes and put shaving cream everywhere (I had bought a few cans just in case!) and of course you lost the bet and had a wonderful look on your face.

So the girls were all whooping and giggling and leading you, they pulled you downstairs, and moved the furniture to one side of the room and put on music and turned the lights down while I got the shaving cream. When I came back, you were between Ruth and Joan and each of them had an end of your belt with the middle tight up between your legs pulling it back and forth, teasing you. We asked you if you wanted another shot and to our surprise you said you needed one so we poured you a double and Mary asked you for your shoes and you smiled and gave them to her then she started on your zipper and we sort of all took your pants off at once!

Well, we danced around you and spun you and caressed you, teased you and someone took your socks and then we noticed you were staggering a bit in your dancing so we got the shaving cream and started to spray it on your back and then your legs and then your chest. We also told you that you had lost and that you had to wear a blindfold and to my surprise you agreed. Well, we knew you liked the shaving cream a lot because you started to moan a bit and we all noticed that and were grinning and nodding our heads, so someone turned the music down and changed it to that spacey stuff and we just kept on spraying the shaving cream all over you and now and then sprayed some inside your underwear, back and front and we were swirling our fingertips over your back and chest and stomach and you started sniffing and staggering and we could see that you were getting excited so I asked if we could take your underwear down and you didn't say, "yes," you whispered, "Yessss."

Well, we each had a finger or more on your waistband pretty quick and pulled them down and there were a few "hmmm's!" but I forget who touched you first but after a while Mary just grabbed you and started stroking you and we all just kept swirling the cream all over your butt and stomach and sides and back moving around you as you just stood there leaning back and forth trying to continue dancing as one by one we took over from Mary and we were just making you crazy. Then Joan broke the silence and said, "Paul?" and you answered again in a whisper, "Yesssss?" She said, "Can you hear me?" and you said, "Uh-huh", again in that soft whisper. And she said, (and I did not know about, this I swear) "Paul, there's one more bet. Do you want to hear it?" You laughed and said, "Sure!" She said, "Do you want us to stop?" You said "Nooooo."

So Joan said, and I could see her squeezing you slowly, as she was looking at all of us, "We bet you that we will keep doing this, OK, and if you ask us to lay you down we will keep doing it and get even get wilder, do you understand?" - And you said yes, and we all looked at her with question marks on our faces because we did not know what she was going to say.

And then she said, "But if you ask us to lay you down, you must do whatever we say, at least one time each, at another party and, if you ask to lay down for the "finale" - you will have to go to my house blindfolded and Mary's and Patty's and Ruth's house, and come back here once to Gloria's too, and agree to lose again at each party and those new women at those parties will not know you are going to be "tricked" until you go to the kitchen just like today when we fixed your cards. You gave a little jerk of your head, (Yes, we did fix your cards good!) Joan continued, "You would have to agree to do this as a co-conspirator and "co-operate" until the end, no matter how the bets turned out - ropes, dancing, tickling, cream, auto-erotic acts-whatever. Do you understand?" And then there was this pause.

And Mary and Patty and Ruth and I all looked at each other and grinned and winked and immediately we all started saying softly, "Lay down, Paul, lay down!" Joan was beaming, and when you mumbled, "OK, you win! Whatever you want!" And you almost fell down as we all helped you to the floor. Well, we all gave high fives and cheered and said it was time for another shot and asked you if you wanted one with us and you just shook your head no. Remember, we had actually had only a couple compared to your count! Well I went over to the sofa and got a velvet bag and brought it back to see two of my friends on either side of you just going wild with the shaving cream and one holding your wrists and one holding your ankles as you slowly moved and sometimes jumped at their touch. Ruth said, "Gloria, you're going to miss all the fun!" as I pulled out 4 lengths silk rope from the bag!

It was perfect timing. "Joan said, "you must have read my mind!" So we tied you up and just looked at you for a minute. I don't know why I remember all of this so vividly, hmmm, maybe it's because the computer camera was on. Sorry about that, but it was positioned perfectly for the evening. Plus there are, well there are a few pictures. Anyway, after our celebration shot, we had another and then just went back to touching you and teasing you and taunting you about all kinds of fantasies we were going to have you do. And each time we asked about one and you voiced a slurred objection we just stopped touching you and asked did you want us to continue and you always agreed that you would do this or that and we then would go back to teasing you until the "finale".

I don't mind telling that it was the most outrageous night of my life and all the girls agreed. When we were done we drove you home and left you there all safe. So if you have any questions, just remember, you agreed to do this, again, and to do it at each of our houses, and to do one "wild night" each as well, within one year, and we will delete the video and pictures when you finish your last night out.

I should tell you that one of us has decided on her wild night already. She is going to call as many friends as she can a few days ahead of time and tell them she has a "blind date" (who she has already met a few times) who has agreed to come to her house blindfolded and play this game. She is going to have you sit at her dining room table and wear a blindfold and have a bottle of liquor on the table.

She will tell them that he will say, "Marco" and she will say, "Polo." He will then count to ten and try to find her. If he does, she drinks and s****s, if he can't, he drinks and takes off one item. He will not know that there are others hiding and watching! When he loses everything except his underwear, she will bet him that if he can't find her this last time he must touch himself for one minute and she will take 2 shots. Then she will touch him and "make him happy." When he is all worked up with oil or cream she will let her friends "help" and see if he notices!!! And then she will take the blindfold off as he is losing control and looking into the faces of all of smiling friends! So get ready for that one! Yopu have to pretend to be surprised!

The girls did agree to an out for you though. If you do this on your own with another group, we will cancel one party for each one you bring us a picture of you, with at least 3 women but it should be 5 like our group. We'll cut you some slack because you will have to ask. The picture can be tasteful but should show you lost the last bet!

So good luck finding a group like ours, and don't wait too long to get back in touch!

Your neighbor,


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