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I took 7g of piracetam, some weed and a beer. I'm "hearing" but feels more like thought injection. It's almost like a string of absurdly odd words and sounds said in rapid succession, but I hear brief whispers of it. But sometimes it completely takes me on a ride where I hear it all and it makes no sense and I couldn't remember if I tried to quote it, it'd sound like I'm completely insane. but yolo I'll try : "uhuhnunnybanan penguin neighbour mind money umbrella nite nite" and now it sounds like pure psychobabble and it's starting to scare me, because I can't control it, it's unpleasant and not helping me get to sleep This is neither funny nor embarassing for me but there was no other suitable category.
Gumby24 Gumby24 22-25, M 1 Answer Sep 2, 2014 in Embarrassing & Funny

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That's mixing substances for you. Try to realise it's your mind (under the influence) until it passes. You can't really DO anything about it now. You can type so you can't be that f***** - maybe try to look at it that way too. I'm not a doctor though so there's probably much better advice out there.

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